2GE TEL Dual Band xPON ONU BT-779XR

2GE+TEL+2.4G+5G WIFI5 AX1200 / external antennas)

♦ Dual band Wi-Fi, Superior performance of Wireless 11n and 11ac Transmission
♦ Compatible with 95% Third-party OLTs (Including Huawei/ZTE/Fiberhome/BT-PON and so on)
♦ Spport EPON/GPON mode and switch mode automatically
♦ Support Route PPPoE/DHCP/Static IP and Bridge mode
♦ Support ONU auto-discovery/Link detection/remote upgrade of software
♦ Support IPv4/IPv6 dual mode
♦ Support Firewall function and IGMP multicast feature
♦ Support LAN IP and DHCP Server configuration
♦ Support Port Forwarding and Loop-Detect

The BT-779XR model Optical Network Unit (ONU) is a user terminal device independently developed by BT-PON, a company known for its commitment to innovation and excellence within the telecommunications industry. This advanced ONU is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern industrial communication standards.

Equipped with a built-in two-layer switching function and a three-layer routing function, the BT-779XR offers sophisticated network management capabilities. These features enable the device to efficiently handle complex data traffic, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for end-users. As a high-performance FTTH optical network unit, the BT-779XR is perfectly tailored for the application requirements of various data services. It provides robust support for different operators in FTTH networking scenarios, ensuring a reliable and high-speed connection for a wide range of data services.

With its seamless integration capabilities, the BT-779XR can be effortlessly incorporated into existing EPON and GPON infrastructures. Its scalability ensures that it can grow with the network, meeting the increasing demands of data services as they expand.

Despite its powerful functionality, the BT-779XR boasts a compact structure and a small, unobtrusive appearance. This design not only makes it an ideal fit for space-constrained environments but also contributes to its low power consumption, making it an environmentally friendly choice for operators looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

The BT-779XR represents the forefront of connectivity solutions, combining cutting-edge technology with practical functionality. It empowers users with the speed and reliability needed for today’s digital world, making it an indispensable tool for modern communication networks.

Hardware Specifications
Size(L*W*H)160*115 *28mm
Optical signal access1*GPON/EPON
User interface2GE+CATV+AC1200
Indicator lightPOWER/PON/LOS/LAN1/LAN2/2.4G/5G/WPS/CATV
ButtonPower switch Button, Reset Button, WLAN Button, WPS Button
Power adapter input100V~240V AC,50Hz~60Hz
PowerSupply requirement12V DC,1.5A
Power consumption<10w
Working temperature-10°C ~ +45°C
Environment humidity5% ~ 95% (Non-condensing)
PON Interface
Module typeSC/APC
Working wavelengthPON:up 1310nm,down 1490nm, CATV: 1550nm
TX Optical power value0.5~4dBm
RX Optical power valueReceiver sensitivity:-27dBm
Transmission distance0~20km
Transmission rateGPON:Up 1.244Gbps;down 2.488Gbps
EPON:Up 1.244Gbps;down 1.244Gbps
Ethernet interface
Interface type 2*RJ45
Interface parameters 2*10/100/1000Mbps auto adaptive Ethernet interfaces
Working modeIEEE 802.11 b/g/n/AC
Antenna patternExternal 2T2R External antenna
Antenna gain5dBi
Wireless bandwidthSupport 20MHz/40MHz/80MHz
Interface rate2.4G WLAN:Maximum rate 300Mbps
5.8G WLAN:Maximum rate 866Mbps
SSIDUp to 4 SSID broadcasts are supported
POTS interface
Interface type1* RJ11
Voice agreementSIP
Integrated circuit protocolGr-909 protocol is applicable