10/100/1000M Single Fiber Media Converter BT-FC311

Fiber Media Converter BT-FC311

1)Adaptive 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet network, for the convenience of network upgrading;
2) efficient built-in switching core, to implement flow control and reduce broadcast packets;
3) Four independent 10/100/1000 Mbps adaptive switching-type twisted pair ports, to implement electrical interface backup and multi-user access;
4)Full-duplex and half duplex transmission modes and capable of automatic negotiation;
5) Automatic crossing of twisted pair ports, for the convenience of system debugging and installation;
6) Transmission of extra-long packets (with the maximum length of 1552 bytes);
7) Quality of Service (QoS) and ensuring transmission of VoIP packets;
8)Low power consumption, low heat dissipation and capable of stable operation for a long period of time;


BT-PON GE Single Mode Single Fiber Optic Fiber Media Converter 3KM

Video Display : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrfpYZgafC0

New Imported Chip:

-100% New imported chip for production and equipped with decoder

-Owning high recognize ability

-Eliminate all distractions, and increase transmission distance.

-Less power consumption, less cost

Unique design:

-Supporting wide power supply, to achieve power protection and automatic switch

-Providing ultra-low latency data transmission

-Equipped with Hot- swappable fuction

Good performance:

-Ensure reliable data transmission and a long working life

-Providing good working performancev


connector typeSC single fiber
power supplyDC 5V 1~2A
transmission rate 3KM

Fiber Media Converter indicator light

Fiber Media Converter

Fiber Media Converter Application


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