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BT-PON Optical Fiber Cleaver High Precision

  • Provides a cleave with a cutting angle of less than 0.5° for optimal fiber preparation for fusion splicing
  • Long life of 48,000 cuts with 16 position blades
  • Lightweight and rugged design for long term durability
  • Holds 250 µm and 900 µm fiber and comes with built in fiber trash can
  • Scaled holder for accurate cleave lengths from 5 to 20 mm (0.20″ to 0.79″)
  • Ideal for fiber technicians, fiber splicers, and anyone that needs to cleave a fiber optic cable prior to performing a fusion splice
  • Easy-step operation to complete the cleaving and collection of waste fiber shards automatically.
  • Convenient and quick to operate. Either hand-held or on table/worktop surfaces
  • Very easy fiber setting and placing and, no need for blade height adjustment, therefore improving work efficiency and low maintenance cost.
  • Smart design of pressure pads preventing the fiber from damage by the return of the blade carriage
  • Made for magnesium alloy materials, giving high strength and stability. Small, compact size and light weight.


Optical fiber cleaver is mainly used for cutting optical fiber. The quality of the cutting knife of the optical fiber welding machine directly determines the quality of the optical fiber cutting, including whether the end face of the optical fiber is smooth, whether the angle of the end face meets the technical requirements, etc.
Product application: In the connection of all optical fibers, such as communication optical cable construction, fault repair and LAN optical cable construction, the end face of the connected optical fiber should be cut well, which must use the optical fiber cleaver.
BT-PON high precision FTTH optical fiber cleaver fiber optic cable cutter tool
Adapt to optical fiber
Single-core silica optical fiber
To adapt optical fiber coating diameter
φ0.25 & φ0.9
Adapt to the bare fiber diameter
Cutting the fiber length
9 ~ 16mm (φ0.25) 10 ~ 16 (φ0.9)
60mm (W) × 57mm (D) × 46mm (H)
About 385g
Cutting angle adaptation value
≤ 0.5 °
Edge life
48000 times

BT-PON Optical Fiber Cleaver

BT-PON Optical Fiber Cleaver

BT-PON Optical Fiber Cleaver

BT-PON Optical Fiber Cleaver


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