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What are the application Scenarios for Fiber Optic Module (SFP)?

What is an optical module in the perception of many people? Some people answer that it is not composed of an optoelectronic device, a PCB board and a housing, but what else does it do?

In fact, to be precise, the optical module is composed of three parts: an optoelectronic device (TOSA,ROSA,BOSA), an optical interface (housing) and a PCB board. Secondly, its role is to convert the electrical signal from the transmitter into an optical signal, after transmission through the optical fiber, the receiver then convert the optical signal into an electrical signal, simply put is the electronic components of photoelectric conversion.

First of all, fiber optic modules are mainly used in the following devices.

1. Fiber optic transceivers.

This fiber optic transceiver uses 1*9 with SFP optical module, which is mainly used in enterprise intranet, internet cafe, IP-hotel, community internal and other fields, the application range is still relatively wide. At the same time, our company not only sells optical modules, cables, patch cords and other products, but also prepared some supporting products, such as these products transceivers, as well as pigtails, adapters, etc.

2. Switch.

The switch is a network device used for electrical signal forwarding, mainly using electrical ports, 1 * 9, SFP, SFP +, XFP optical modules, etc..

It can provide an exclusive electrical signal path for any two network nodes that access the switch. One of the most common switches is the Ethernet switch, followed by the common telephone voice switch, fiber optic switch, etc.

3. Fiber optic network card.

Fiber optic network card is a fiber optic Ethernet adapter, so it is referred to as fiber optic network card, mainly using 1*9 optical module, SFP optical module, SFP+ optical module, etc..

It can be divided into 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps by transmission rate, PCI, PCI-X, PCI-E (x1/x4/x8/x16), etc. by motherboard socket type, and LC, SC, FC, ST, etc. by interface type.

4. fiber optic high-speed cameras.

Fiber optic high-speed camera mainly uses SFP optical module, and the camera, simply put, is an intelligent camera front-end, is the most complex and comprehensive performance of the monitoring system the best camera front-end, fiber optic high-speed camera is in the camera and then integrated network video server module or optical transceiver module.

5. base station.

Base station mainly uses SFP, SFP +, XFP, SFP28 optical module, in the mobile communication system, connecting the fixed part and wireless part, and through the air wireless transmission and mobile station connected to the equipment, and with the 5G base station construction, the optical module industry also entered the production demand period.

6. fiber optic router (ONU/ONT).

Fiber optic routers generally use SFP optical modules, it is different from ordinary routers in that the transmission medium is different, the ordinary router’s network port is using twisted-pair cable as the transmission medium, which leads to the network cable for the electrical signal; and the fiber optic router’s network port is using optical fiber, which can be used to resolve the optical signal in the incoming fiber.

Secondly, there are many applications of fiber optic modules, such as

1, railroad system. In the communication system network of railroad system, the application of fiber optic communication technology plays an important role at all times. It can not only improve the efficiency of ordinary optical fiber communication, but also with its good data transmission stability advantage, in the railroad’s communication network to play a role in strengthening the efficiency of information utilization.

2, tunnel traffic monitoring. With the continuous acceleration of urbanization, urban population travel for the subway is increasingly dependent on the safety of the subway can not be delayed, the application of temperature-sensitive optical fiber in the subway tunnel, can effectively play the role of fire warning.

In addition, the application of optical modules are also in the intelligent transportation system, building automation, ISP network solution providers and automotive network, not only is the optical fiber can be used for communication transmission, while the fiber optic module also has the characteristics of space and cost saving, convenient and fast.

At the same time as the main pillar of modern information exchange, processing and transmission of optical communication network, has been constantly to ultra-high frequency, ultra-high speed and very large capacity development, the higher the transmission rate, the larger the capacity, the cost of transmitting each information is also becoming smaller and smaller, in order to meet the requirements of modern communication equipment, optical fiber module is also to a highly integrated small package development, low cost, low power consumption, high speed, long distance, hot-swappable is precisely its a development trend.

sfp introduction: Small form-factor pluggable transceiver – Wikipedia

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