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ONU and Broadband out of Service? ONU Failure Quickly Deal


1, ONU indicator description

2、The correct connection of ONU cable

3、ONU troubleshooting

4、Broadband network troubleshooting

5、Broadband and equipment daily precautions

6、Broadband can not access the Internet

7、Slow broadband network speed

ONU indicator descriptions

ONU indicator light.

POWER light: green light is always on in normal power-on state; goes off when power is not connected or when power contact is poor.

PON light: registration light, green light is always on in a normal state; if the light flickers or turns off, it indicates a network failure.

LOS light: fiber optic signal light, extinguished in normal state; red light is always on to indicate line interruption.

LAN light: network signal light, the network cable connection interface, the opposite end connected to the computer, router, set-top box and other terminals. When the green light is on, the line is functioning normally; when the green light blinks, the Internet is being accessed; if the green light is off, the line is not working or not connected.

Under normal condition: POWER light is always on, PON light is always on, LAN light is blinking and LOS light is off, representing normal. The following figure.

Under fault condition: If the LOS light is on red, please plug and unplug the yellow thin wire (pigtail) and power off to restart ONU. If the LAN light is off, please plug and unplug the cable head again to confirm whether the cable is plugged in well and firmly. The following figure.

Proper connection of ONU cables

ONU Troubleshooting

1、Check whether there is any obvious break in the network cable or power cable.

2、Check whether the yellow fiber, network port and power cable interface are in place.

3, ONU power off for 5 minutes and then restart.

4、If the above methods do not work, please contact broadband experts for remote assistance.

Broadband Network Troubleshooting

1, check the network cable: check the network cable interface has not been loosened (both ends of the cable to check), loosened if inserted tightly after re-plugging to see if the network cable is broken (including the cable and crystal head), replace a network cable to try, if you can then the network cable is broken.

2, reboot the device: after the replacement of the router computer or other unknown reasons, may lead to interruption of Internet access, try to turn off the router and computer wait ten minutes to reboot, the fault may be eliminated.

3. Check the broadband account: if the username and password are incorrect, you will also be unable to log in, to confirm whether the broadband account has expired or is in arrears.

4, check the computer software.

(1) using the latest version of the network repair class software computer troubleshooting function to check, check and repair.

(2) Virus infection; antivirus software to eliminate the virus.

(3) reset the computer network firewall, open the control panel, open the windows firewall, click the window on the left to restore the default settings to reset.

(4) network card driver damage reinstall the network card driver.

(5) regularly clean up uncommon temporary files to improve the speed of computer operation.

6、Installation of anti-control software: timely installation of system operation patches, and regular virus checks and kills on the computer.

Daily Precautions for Broadband and Equipment

1, the equipment power supply must meet the input voltage requirements of the equipment (voltage instability can easily lead to equipment work abnormally and broadband frequent dropouts).

2, the device is placed in a well-ventilated place where it is easy to dissipate heat from the device.

3, strong lightning weather, please disconnect the device power supply, and unplug all the cables connected to the device to avoid damage to the device by lightning (even if not directly broken will be unstable).

4. To prevent foreign objects (such as metal) from passing through the heat sink into the device (which can burn the circuit board).

5, do not step on, pull or excessively bend cables to prevent equipment failure.

6, do not use the cable has been broken or aging; in the absence of professional guidance, do not open the settings for their own disassembly.

Broadband can’t access the Internet

1. See if you owe anything or if you just owe anything. After paying the bill, power off and restart the ONU and router.

2、Check ONU, if ONU flashes red light, please plug in the incoming fiber head tightly. If the red light does not go out, please contact the network operator for remote troubleshooting.

3、If the network speed is slow for some web pages/Apps, it may just be the server problem of the web page or App, or the server is unstable due to too many people using it, just log in again at the wrong peak.

4、If it’s just your mobile phone/computer with slow internet speed

Cell phone slow: If you find that other people’s cell phone networks are very fast, but yours is slow, you need to clear out your cache.

Computer slow: open the web page on the browser Tools → Internet Options → General, click to delete cooking, delete files, clear the history, after the above operation, restart the computer.

5, check the router, confirm that the router light is on, if the router is having problems, turn it off and wait a few minutes.

6, install all ends of the line tightly, turn off all devices for a few seconds, and turn them on. Ninety percent of the problems should go away.

Slow broadband internet speed

There are three key elements that determine the speed of the Internet.

1. terminal (cell phone, computer).

2, network (network cable, data, server room, ONU, router).

3) the server (some of your commonly used software is rented for a certain bandwidth, Internet access will peak during the Spring Festival, resulting in congestion on the road).

To determine which link is wrong, it is also easy to.

1, most of the software or website can be accessed, but some cannot be reached. It may be a server issue.

2, other people’s cell phones can be smooth Internet access, it is possible that your phone needs to clean up the running memory, sometimes too much background running software will also affect the network speed.

3. If all web pages open slowly, it is likely a problem with the network speed. You should adjust the placement of ONU. Due to the interference caused by metal objects, load-bearing walls, and electrical appliances, the ONU will be placed in the center of the room. Avoiding obstacles is the best solution.

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