Fiber Optic ODF Panel SC/UPC/APC

1) Standard size, light weight and reasonable structure
2) Splice tray inside changeable
3) 19-inch standard size, light in weight and robust structure
4) Suitable for ribbon and single fiber
5) Various panel plate to fit different adapter interface
6) Front mark on the plate is easy for identification and operation
7) 24C, 36C, 48C, 96C,144C optional, with or without fiber optic pigtails and adapters
8) Easy for management and operatio

Fiber optic patch panel is an integrated unit for fiber management, Foclink offer wall mounted fiber optic patch panel and rack mounted fiber optic patch panels, these equipment function is to fix and manage the fiber optic cables inside the box as well as provide protection.
There different models to fit for 12 core fiber,24 core fiber,36 core fiber,48 core fiber, 72 core fiber,96 core fiber,144 core fiber applications. They can be with different adapter interface including the SC, ST, FC, LC MTRJ, etc. related fiber accessories and pigtails are optional.

Fiber Capacity of panel
12-144 core(12 24 48 port usually)
Panel Connector
TypeSliding Fixed
Dimension19'' 1U/2U/3U/4U...
MaterialCold Rolled Steel or Aluminum
Storage Temperature-45~+65℃
Thickness1.0 1.2 mm
1.0 1.2 mmCable ties, mounting ear screws, and spiral wrap tube