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♦ Fiber link with ≤-5dBm optical signal, easy to test
♦ 3m event blind area, easy test 3m jumper
♦ Long endurance, 12 hours of measurement time
♦ Hand-held design, easy to carry
♦ Brand new rubber sleeve, shockproof, fall proof
♦ USB, rechargeable with portable battery
♦ OTDR/LS/OPM/VFL/RJ45 Cable Sequence/Cable length/RJ45 tracker/Flashlight

NK3200 Mini Pro Series Optical Time Domain Reflectometer adopts 3.5 inch color display screen. The UI operation interface is simple and easy to operate. It integrates OTDR, Stable Light Source, Optical Power Meter, Visual Fault Location, Cable Sequence, Cable Length, Cable Tracker and Flashlight. It adopts intelligent power saving management, 12 hours of super long measurement time to ensure the field test and maintenance work efficiently. NK3200 series are used to measure the length, loss, connection quality and other parameters of all kinds of optical fiber and cable. When there is optical signal in the line, it can still be used. The maximum test power with light is -5dBm. It can be widely used in engineering construction, link maintenance test and emergency repair of communication system of optical fiber communication system.

TypeG.652 SM
Dynamic Range24dB/22dB
Event Blind Zone3m
ATT Blind Zone8m
Test Range500m/1km/2km/4km/8km/16km/32km/64km
Pulse Width3ns/5ns/10ns/20ns/30ns/50ns/80ns/160ns/320ns/500ns/800ns/1μs/2μs/3μs/5μs/8μs/10μs
Ranging Accuracy±(1m+Sample interval+0.005%×Test distance)
Sample Points16k~128k
Sample Resolution0.05m~8m
Loss Resolution0.001dB
Loss Threshold0.20dB
Range Resolution0.001m
Refractive Index1.00000~2.00000
Reflection Accuracy±3dB
File FormatSOR Standard File Format
Loss Analysis4-point method /5-point method
Laser Safety LevelClass Ⅱ
ConnectorFC/UPC(Interchangeable SC、ST)