BT-PON 1×4 PLC Splitter


♦ Good uniformity and low insertion loss
♦ Low Polarization Dependent Loss
♦ Excellent Environmental Stability
♦ Excellent Mechanical
♦ Stability Telcordia GR-1221 and GR-1209

PLC splitter is based on a quartz substrate integrated waveguide optical power distribution device, has the advantages of small volume, the working wavelength range, high reliability, good light uniformity etc characteristic, is especially suitable for passive optical network ( EPON, BPON, GPON etc ) connected local and terminal equipment and realize the optical signal devide.


Fiber to The Home (FTTH)
Passive optical networks (PON)
Local Area Networks (LAN)
Cable Television (CATV)
Test Equipment

Technical Specifications
Optical Performance
PolishingUPC APC
Testing Wavelength1310nm & 1550nm
Insertion Loss≤0.25dB
Return Loss≥50dB
Endface Geometry Performance
ItemΦ1.25/2.5 mm Ferrule
Radius of Curve7 to 25mm
Apex Offset0 to 50μm
Fiber Height-50 to 50nm