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1ge Wifi Onu Fiber Optic Modem BT-226XR

1GE+2.4G WIFI(external antennas)

♦ Support EPON/GPON mode and switch mode automatically
♦ GPON:Compliance with IEEE 802.3ah & itu-t g.984.x standard
♦ GPON:8 T-CONTs,32 GEM Ports
♦ Integrate OMCI(GPON)/OAM(EPON) and TR-069 remote configuration and maintenance
♦ Layer 3 Home Gateway/CPE features with Hardware NAT, support Multiple WAN, Route/Bridge mode, etc
♦ Layer 2 Switching, support 802.1Q VLAN, 802.1P QOS, Bandwidth Control, Spanning Tree, etc
♦ Support PPPoE/ Static IP/ DHCP
♦ Support IPv4, IPv6 and IPv4/IPv6
♦ Support firewall level Settings, support based on URL/MAC/ IP/ address frame filtering
♦ Support multicast IGMP v2 proxy/ snooping, support MLD proxy/ snooping
♦ Qos supports PQ, WRR, and CAR queue scheduling
♦ Provide 300Mbps 2.4GHz Wireless interface,2T2R external antenna, support multiple SSID Settings,
♦ Support DDSN, ALG, DMZ and UPNP

BT-226XR(Fibra Ftth 1ge Wifi Onu Fibetr Optic Modem  Wifi Router) model ONU is a user terminal device independently developed by BTPT in line with such industrial background.The device has built-in two-layer switching function and three-layer routing function. With compact structure and small appearance, it is a kind of FTTH optical network unit with high performance and low power consumption, which is very suitable for the application requirements of various data services in FTTH networking scenarios of various operators.BT-226XR is an XPON product that can be adapted to EPON and GPON networks without replacing equipment and firmware.

Hardware Specifications
Optical signal access:1*GPON/EPON
User interface:1GE+2.4G WLAN
Indicator light:POWER/PON/LOS/LAN1/
Button:Power switch Button, Reset
Button, WLAN Button, WPS Button
Power adapter input:100V~240V AC,
PowerSupply requirement:12V DC,1.5A
Power consumption:<10w
Working temperature: -10°C ~ +45°C
Environment humidity:5% ~ 95% (Noncondensing)
Ethernet Interface
Interface type:RJ45
Interface parameters:1*10/100/1000Mbps
PON Interface
Module type:Class B+ SC/UPC
Working wavelength:up 1310nm,down 1490nm
TX Optical power value:0.5~4dbm
RX Optical power sensitivity: -28dBm
Transmission distance:0~20km
Transmission rate:GPON:Up 1.244Gbps;down 2.488Gbps
EPON:Up 1.244Gbps;down 1.244Gbps
Working mode:IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Antenna pattern:External 2T2R External antenna
Antenna gain:5dBi
Wireless bandwidth:Support 20MHz/40MHz
Interface rate:Maximum rate 300Mbps
SSID:Up to 4 SSID broadcasts are supported