Quick ONT or ONU troubleshooting

The signal shows a full signal, but the network speed is still slow?
What does it mean when the ONU indicator keeps flashing?


Plug in and light up, showing whether ONU is connected to power, ONU without power connection is useless.

Color change:
Green always on: the device is connected to the power supply
Off: the device is not plugged in, or ONU is bad

If the power supply is normally connected, the POWER indicator still does not light up, we recommend that you try replacing the ONU with a new one.

2.PON indicator

Used to indicate the PON link status and OLT registration status.

Color change:
Green is always on: the device has been registered to the OLT, which is a normal situation
Blinking green: the ONU is not configured or data is lost
Off: the device is not registered to the OLT

You can contact the operator or customer service to solve the problem

3.LOS indicator

Used to indicate the link status of the optical link.

Color change:
Red light on: optical link is not working
Red blinking: the device has not received the optical signal
Off: the device has received the optical signal

If the optical path is not working, you need to see if there is a large bend in the fiber; or see if the end of the fiber is not connected somewhere. If you can not get it, you can contact the operator to solve.

4.LAN indicator

This light is generally used to indicate the connection between ONU and computer.

Color change:
Always green: The port is normally connected to the terminal
Blinking green: The port is exchanging data with the terminal
Off: The port is idle, or abnormally connected to the terminal.

If the wired terminal cannot be connected to the network, you are recommended to plug and unplug it again or access a new LAN port.

5.TEL/Phone indicator

TEL indicator is also called voice phone indicator, which indicates the connection status of ONU and telephone at the local end. Description: This indicator is only available on the front side of the ONU if there is a telephone interface on the back of the ONU.

Color change:
Always on: The phone is successfully registered in the network
Flashing: There is voice data exchange
Off: Registration failed, or no phone connection