How to Login BT-PON FTTH ONT / ONU ?

This manual will provide you simple steps to login to BT-PON Fiber ONT to change your WiFi Name and password to secure your home and office internet connections. You required to connect ONT device either using the wired or wireless connection to login into the settings page.

Default Login Settings for BT-PON

BT-PON ONT default Login IP address – 192.168.1 .1

Default usernameadmin or useradmin

Default Password– (please check ONU Label)

BT-PON Fiber ONU connections 

1.Connect PC/Laptop LAN port to ONT LAN1 port using standard cat6 LAN cable. Or the phone connects to ONU’s wifi and enters the WiFi password(check ONU Label).

2.Fiber cable coming from internet providers should be connected to fiber port (keep fiber cable as it is).

3.Go to computer TCP/IPv4 network IP settings and use static IP address

Login ONT web interface

Open a web browser and access After a few seconds, you will get a Web login page asking for username and password.

Press the Login button to access the ONU settings page.

After successful login into fiber ONT web manager follows further steps to change the wireless name and password.


WiFi SSID name Change

Go to Network- WLAN

SSID– BTPT-XXX (change WiFi name as per your choice).

Band Width:20MHZ

Mode selection / Countries selection / Channel selection (Selected according to the situation)

WLAN configuration
SSID setting

Change ONT Wi-Fi Password

Go to Network – WLAN

SSID Type- Select WiFI SSID from the list

Encryption- WPA1/WPA2

Change Login Password

Also must change the login password to secure web interface accessible from a user connected to wifi or wired networks.

Go to the Management tab from top menu

Administration  or Admin password

 Username- admin

Current password- XXXXXX

New password- Create a new password

Confirm password- type password again

 Apply settings and keep remember the login password.

How to Restore factory BT-PON ONU/ONT?

Reset using the reset button is a quick way to restore settings and useful when you forget your login password and unable to access settings. Before making ONU factory default make sure you have configuration back to restore else contact your internet provider to manage configuration remotely.

  • Turn on ONT Router mode Device using DC adapter.
  • Locate a small reset button or hole option beside ethernet or bottom side depends on the model number.
  • Press and hold reset button for 10-15 seconds using a paper clip or needles.
  • ONT Modem will auto restart afater excutive reset command.
  • Ping default IP address printed to ONU sticker and once default IP start Ping login ONT and restore configuration back or setup manually as per OLT configurations.

You can use restore the configuration from the web interface if your ONT device not stable, internet frequent disconnection and showing LOS led blinking then login and reset from settings.

Before making an ONT device reset take configuration backup from settings so you can restore again to run the internet properly else you will be disconnected from the internet until the ONU device not configured.

  • Go to Admin – Device- Restore Factory
  • Press “Restore factory” you will get a confirmation Popup window to confirm and wait to reboot the ONT device to restore configuration settings.