EPON and GPON which is better?

EPON compatible with the current Ethernet technology for the purpose of the 802.3 protocol in the optical access network continuation of the full inheritance of the Ethernet low prices, flexible protocol, mature technology and other advantages, with a wide range of markets and good compatibility.

The GPON is positioned in the telecommunications industry for multi-service, full-service access with QoS guarantees, and strive to find the best and most business-friendly solution with the highest efficiency. It proposes that “all agreements be openly and completely thoroughly Reconsider “.

Overall, EPON and GPON have their own strengths and weaknesses, from the performance indicators GPON is better than EPON, but EPON has the advantage of time and cost, GPON is catching up, looking forward to the future of broadband access market who may not be replaced, it should be Co-existence and complementarity. GPON will be more suitable for customers with high bandwidth, multi-service, QoS and security requirements and ATM technology as the backbone. For cost-sensitive, QoS, security, less demanding customer base, EPON has become the dominant.